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Re: Ask us anything!
« on: April 27, 2019, 12:23:46 am »
Thanks - that helps!
When I first ordered I did read about the units but apparently forgot about the cards when the stuff arrived.
It makes me worry though that with 2 orders of Vipers and Cougars (they added "Barrage" and said it would be correct) I have never received the correct cards - last time I have also received a Crocodile Unit card with my replacement cards for the Cougars.
That time it hadn't mattered (and I therefore did not complain about it) as I already had extra Cougar cards from the first shipment where they had sent me Cheetahs instead of Cougars.
Not sure how deep/close your connection with Word Forge Games is but maybe some QC on their side would be good. Having to send out replacements can get expensive I believe. The contact I was in touch with (Jamie Cross) was really nice though!

I'll think of more questions  ;D