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Re: Ask us anything!
« on: April 25, 2019, 06:37:13 pm »
Wow! Thanks for answering everything!
First however: Sorry Josh, I mixed up your last and first name and called you Percy. My apologies! I have edited my previous post to hide this shame :-)

I really like that unit types follow a specific naming convention - feels more in order! :-)

Boy, I really hope that the game will be successful so we'll see the Super-Heavy units / War scale games. I'm a father of two with a sometimes not so healthy wife so my time is limited but what I can do to promote the game I'll do (with and without the use of a wallet :-))!
My father and brothers were big C&C fans so I plan to play the game with them. As their english is a little limited I'll plan to prepare a (non professional) german translation for them - at least for the rules. If you are interested in that I can send you a copy once I'm done.

Polecat was mention in Kickstarter Update No.18 (I have attached a screenshot). Jackal is also in this list... so maybe the Polecat is a secret unit even you are not aware of :-). Beaver for a construction unit seems fitting though!

Thanks for the explanation regarding the size of the drones!
Regarding the Infantry Drones I was just also thinking that this would open up a possibility for a Machine gun type of weapon that's good vs. Infantry.
I'm looking forward to the faction packs, decal sheets and COF sound awesome even though I'll probably print my own GDI and NOD decals for now.
I also think the "Mission Expansion" is a good idea... it (again) reminds me of C&C where you had all this extra neutral stuff that you could capture.

Q: As you have mentioned buildings (Command Bunkers...), another question: Are Turrets also planned? I assume Command Bunkers would have several upgrade options for weapons/Shields/Comms etc. so a turret would be just a weapon without the Commander in them? Could be used for specific "Defend" Missions as well or as neutral locations to capture/use...

Q: How long have you been working on this game? How many people are playtesting/working on this in total?

Q: Energy/Plasma as Firepower type is meant to be like a Flamethrower type of weapon as well, right?

Q: I saw an Order card "Stealth Mode" in one of the youtube videos. Currently the only Stealth units are the Vampire and the Viper. I have both models but don't own this Order card. Will it be in a future release or was Stealth originally a Hardcoded trait and now the card has been integrated in the normal trait already? Just curious because I like Stealth units and if the card exists would like to own it for (potential) extra Stealth :-).