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Re: Ask us anything!
« on: April 25, 2019, 02:33:20 am »
Hey Rentner, thanks for the questions!

Q: Will all future units follow the current name "scheme" (Animals)? Or will only Tanks be named after animals while Walkers or Aircraft will be named after something else (e.g. Gods, Colors, etc.)

A: There's a naming schema for each type of unit. Tanks are generally terrestrial vertebrates, with some degree of link between the name and the unit (albeit often tenuous). Command units have a mythological creature naming schema, aircraft will have birds, walkers will have insects/arachnids, buildings will have geological formations and hovercraft will have weather names.

Q: Once Aircraft or other unit types have been released, are there plans for Production and Logistic units of that type? Like a flying Resource Transport or a flying factory? Or will there be different types of Mobile factories?

A: There are plans for full suites of units, including command, transport, support and combat units. There are plans for different types of mobile (and immobile) production units. In the far distant future, there are plans for super-heavy units and war-scale games. However, our focus at the moment is on building the community and establishing ourselves. Once we have a player base and the game is a commercial success, then we can look to adding to our fleets of drones.

Q: In one of the Kickstarter updates Beaver and Polecat have been mentioned as units. Will these be the next to be released?

A: I'm still not sure where the name 'Polecat' came from. I think one of the guys from Beasts of War came along and misnamed the Jackal and the Publisher's staff got a little confused. It actually doesn't exist.
The Beaver, on the other hand, is designed as a repair/construction unit. It is planned for release with our buildings.

Q: AD is my first 15mm game so I don't have a comparison: Are the drones smaller than a usually 15mm tank would be?

A: Glad to be your first! If you compare our drones to something like a Panzer III model, you'll find the drone smaller than even that little tank. As Josh indicated above, the drones shrink the internal size required considerably. The other thing going for our drones is that they assume that successful Low Energy Nuclear Reactor (LENR) technology is available, and thus they are powered by multi-Gigawatt-range reactors about the size of a domestic dishwasher.

Q: As commander-on-foot can happen, couldn't there be any Infantry sized drones? So the commander has a model and also as a troop type?

A: We had considered small swarms of infantry-like drones in the early stages of development. The tricky thing is that they would break the game somewhat, and the weapons and armour they carry wouldn't hold against the larger weapons and sturdier armour of the full-sized drone tanks, etc. Sure, a small spider drone could kill an unarmoured human easily enough, but they wouldn't have so much hope of holding out against that same human in a command vehicle, especially when that human is a Digipath!

Q: You have mentioned faction packs as future expansions: Are these meant to have faction specific Order cards as well to further flesh out the factions or will it be "just" Commanders?

A: We are planning a few expansions in the near term, all of which will require more playtesting before we can release them into the wild. The faction packs are intended to come with four new commanders, at least two different faction-specific orders, variant vehicles that trade one stat or trait for another, and possibly even decal sheets and COF miniatures for that faction.

Q: Will there be different kinds of Extractors? Of course this can already be handled by different color schemes (Blue Extractor produces better/double ressources etc.)

A: At this stage there are no plans for different kinds of Extractors. However, in the Missions expansion (working title), there are a range of different things that might end up in the middle of the table in place of an extractor: a comms tower, a relic of mankind's golden age, or even a park of abandoned vehicles, ripe for the stealing.