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Re: Ask us anything!
« on: April 23, 2019, 10:24:37 pm »
Q: Will all future units follow the current name "scheme" (Animals)? Or will only Tanks be named after animals while Walkers or Aircraft will be named after something else (e.g. Gods, Colors, etc.)

Q: Once Aircraft or other unit types have been released, are there plans for Production and Logistic units of that type? Like a flying Resource Transport or a flying factory? Or will there be different types of Mobile factories?

Q: In one of the Kickstarter updates Beaver and Polecat have been mentioned as units. Will these be the next to be released?

Q: AD is my first 15mm game so I don't have a comparison: Are the drones smaller than a usually 15mm tank would be?

Q: As commander-on-foot can happen, couldn't there be any Infantry sized drones? So the commander has a model and also as a troop type?

Q: You have mentioned faction packs as future expansions: Are these meant to have faction specific Order cards as well to further flesh out the factions or will it be "just" Commanders?

Q: Will there be different kinds of Extractors? Of course this can already be handled by different color schemes (Blue Extractor produces better/double ressources etc.)

I understand if you cannot answer all of these questions :-). I really like this game. Hopefully it will sell well enough so that a lot more stuff will get released!