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The next question I had was - what's the deal with shooting? How much damage do typical attacks actually do, and how does that change with hit chance? When is maneuvering worth it?

First, some background for people new to the game. The starter box has four vehicles that can shoot. Each has a Firepower value that determines how many dice it rolls when it attacks. The Wolf and Elephant have a base Firepower of 4, and the Rhino and Centaur have a base Firepower of 3.

The base number you need to hit is 4+, but there are a lot of modifiers to that number. It's extremely easy to get cover, so most things you can shoot at will typically be hit on a 5+. The main modifiers are:

Cover: If anything is between the shooter's sensor pod and any part of the target, -1 to hit.
Moving Fast: If the target has moved 8" or more this turn, -1 to hit.
Sensor Lock: If the target is within sensor range, +1 to hit.
Fired: If the target has fired this turn, +1 to hit.

Rolls of six are critical hits (called Additional Damage Effects in the rules) and immediately cause either damage to one of the target's statistics or an additional point of damage.

If any shots hit, the target rolls to save. The required number is based on the target's armour type vs the hit's damage type. There are three damage types and three armour types, and the required number is either 3+, 4+ or 5+ depending. If a critical hit damaged the target's Protection then it also makes the required number higher. The target rolls one dice per current point of Protection, and each successful save cancels out one hit. Each point of damage reduces Protection by 1, and if the target hits zero Protection then it's destroyed. This means taking damage makes resisting damage harder in future.

These charts are the mean simulated damage for attacks of varying hit chance and Firepower when shooting at targets with three Protection across a million attacks. Each chart represents a different required saving throw. I apologise for the readability of the charts.

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