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Re: Upcoming units...
« on: April 18, 2018, 02:16:47 pm »
Oh, those are all super cute!

I'm disappointed the Meerkat didn't make it! It was much more fun to play than I expected and it fills a great role in the second Logistics slot where you might otherwise have a less useful second Squirrel.

The M3 Bear Siege Tank looks neat.

Huh, the Cougar MBT is weird, though! It looks so cool, but it has this enormous turret that looks like it should have a high firepower value, then only has 3. I like the idea of a tough standoff tank with a good comms value as a sort of lynchpin vehicle, but I don't think it jives with the dual-cannon art. Maybe there's some conceptual overlap here with the Bear.

Whaaaat. The Vampire has comms 2??? That's amazing! I can see the In Progress part - it still has the hardened armour plates on the side. A comms 2 command vehicle sounds fantastic. Potential 4+2 firepower... huh. That's completely terrifying. I love that it has comms 2!