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Painting, modelling and modifying / Re: Painting C & C style
« Last post by CGReynolds on April 30, 2019, 12:47:21 am »
Loving that NOD scheme!
Painting, modelling and modifying / Re: Painting C & C style
« Last post by Rentner65 on April 29, 2019, 07:46:24 pm »
Some smaller Update - including NOD.
I'm getting there, I think. For the red parts of NOD I tried to mimic scorpion legs (at least a little :-)).
For GDI the markings have to be a little less curved I think.

Not sure about the finally spot for the decals (currently it's just printed on normal paper: For NOD maybe at the center of the Front and nothing on the sides...
Feedback, suggestions and requests / Re: Ask us anything!
« Last post by Rentner65 on April 27, 2019, 12:23:46 am »
Thanks - that helps!
When I first ordered I did read about the units but apparently forgot about the cards when the stuff arrived.
It makes me worry though that with 2 orders of Vipers and Cougars (they added "Barrage" and said it would be correct) I have never received the correct cards - last time I have also received a Crocodile Unit card with my replacement cards for the Cougars.
That time it hadn't mattered (and I therefore did not complain about it) as I already had extra Cougar cards from the first shipment where they had sent me Cheetahs instead of Cougars.
Not sure how deep/close your connection with Word Forge Games is but maybe some QC on their side would be good. Having to send out replacements can get expensive I believe. The contact I was in touch with (Jamie Cross) was really nice though!

I'll think of more questions  ;D
Feedback, suggestions and requests / Re: Ask us anything!
« Last post by CGReynolds on April 26, 2019, 09:30:00 pm »
If you're interested, the product descriptions for each unit have the card they come with listed in the text at the bottom. You just have to click on the unit in the Word Forge Games store to see that description. So for the Crocodile, you'll find the details about the unit and the card it comes with here:

I should point out too that there was an error with one of the orders cards. The HV Shot card is listed as 'Hardpoints' at the bottom but should say 'Rhino'. You'll find an FAQ and Errata link on the message boards here: We'll keep updating that as we go, so if you find something that doesn't look quite right, please let us know and I'll update the Errata. Same goes for anything that seems unclear, I can add an FAQ response to that to keep it all official.

Feedback, suggestions and requests / Re: Ask us anything!
« Last post by Rentner65 on April 26, 2019, 05:27:32 pm »
Thanks again for all the answers!

Regarding the missing/incorrect cards (e.g. Stealth Mode): Is there a list somewhere where I can check what card is supposed to come with what Model?
Reconstructing my current purchases I think the following:

Armadillo - Angled Reflectors
Bear - Divert Power
Centaur - Tactical Analysis
Cheetah - Barrage
Cougar - mine came with Barrage (with Cheetah at the bottom), Word Forge Games said this was correct.
Crocoldile - ? (don't own the unit yet)
Elephant - Blindfire
Jackal - Guided Missiles
Meercat - Jamming
Porcupine - Area Defense
Racoon - Countermeasures
Rhino - HV Shot
Viper - ?,  I own 3 Vipers and have no Order card with Viper at the bottom... should be Stealth Mode as you confirmed
Squirrel - ?
Vampire - Disrupt
Wolf - Plasma Blast
Wombat - Prepared Build

My kids are 5 (daughter) and 3 (son)... my son loves to play with the Tank models already :-). He lines them up and switches the turrets around  ;D. Still have to interest my daughter - she played Blood Bowl with my once though.

Special Thanks for the Plasma explanation... do you have something like that for all other types as well?
4,5h years is a long time I think (not having any idea what an average amount of working on a game would be :)). As said before I hope it pays off! The Order cards examples sound interesting as well!
Feedback, suggestions and requests / Re: Ask us anything!
« Last post by CGReynolds on April 25, 2019, 09:41:18 pm »
I'm glad you're liking everything so far! I'm a father with two young kids (4 and 6 years old), so I know all too well how limited time can be. Feel free to point people towards the youtube explainer videos (although there have been a couple of small tweaks to the rules so if the rulebook differs, go with the rulebook), the Facebook group, here, etc. Most people who have played wargames pick up 90% of how to play within the first couple of turns. And this is a game that usually hooks people through gameplay (in my experience), so simply running demonstration games for new players is one of the best ways to get them into the game.

Yes, that Polecat was an error on the list that the publisher had. I think it's turning into an in-joke now!

For buildings, there's a limited set of buildings planned. At this stage the list is quite minimal: a command bunker, a production unit and a set of pod bunkers that use the Aggregate (3) trait from the main rulebook. These bunkers come with basic protection, comms and sensors, but then you can choose to put any of the hardpoints available into the bunkers. So you could use them as turrets, or as a comms repeater, or as a sensor post.

However, there's also what are called Support Structures being playtested for inclusion in the missions expansion. These are small structures that don't take up any slots, but can provide limited support. There's a sensor post, a repair drone post, a comms repeater (with sensor interference for defence), minefields and fire traps. In various missions players can build, place or activate these structures during the game to aid their chances of victory.

I've been working on this game for about four and a half years now, I think. 80% of the rules were developed in the first six months, but the playtesting wasn't very intensive at that point in time as my kids took up a lot of it. Over the following 12 months, the remainder of the rules were hammered out, and now only minor refinements are being made. These days if I need to adjust the game, I just come up with new orders cards to allow players to do different things with their units. An example of that is a card I'm working on called Deploy Stabilisers. This allows a unit to suddenly count as having not moved this turn, so it allows you to do things like move an Elephant forward, use Deploy Stabilisers and then use Indirect Fire. Once I'm happy with how it's working, I have to figure out how best to release it, and then we're good to go.

Energy/Plasma is indeed intended as a high-intensity flamethrower. Hydrogen pellets are energised to a fusion state by lasers in the reaction chamber, then contained in a magnetic bottle until ready to be fired at the enemy. Then they're ejected in thin streams, hit the open air and burn the living daylights out of what they land on. The effect on target it mostly thermal, hence they have a similar effect to that of a laser.

Stealth Mode should come with two copies with each Viper. If you didn't get them, please get in touch with Word Forge Games for replacements ( It can be useful in certain circumstances, but by far Stealth is best used as a stacking ability: move fast into cover and with Stealth you're -3 to be hit. If they don't have a lock on you or you haven't fired, that means they can't hit you at all (barring some cards like Precision Fire).
Painting, modelling and modifying / Re: Painting C & C style
« Last post by Rentner65 on April 25, 2019, 07:24:38 pm »
Would be happy to see some of Joshs industrial metal minis!

Here are some pictures of mine - WiP.
I still want to add a second color (canonical Orange for GDI, maybe even a third like a yellow brown), decals and have to highlight the Shield Generator.

The Ushabti Bone highlight is a little hard for me at the moment. As the pics are rather close up I'm not sure yet if I will correct that... from a distance they will look fine I guess (as usual).
Feedback, suggestions and requests / Re: Ask us anything!
« Last post by Rentner65 on April 25, 2019, 06:37:13 pm »
Wow! Thanks for answering everything!
First however: Sorry Josh, I mixed up your last and first name and called you Percy. My apologies! I have edited my previous post to hide this shame :-)

I really like that unit types follow a specific naming convention - feels more in order! :-)

Boy, I really hope that the game will be successful so we'll see the Super-Heavy units / War scale games. I'm a father of two with a sometimes not so healthy wife so my time is limited but what I can do to promote the game I'll do (with and without the use of a wallet :-))!
My father and brothers were big C&C fans so I plan to play the game with them. As their english is a little limited I'll plan to prepare a (non professional) german translation for them - at least for the rules. If you are interested in that I can send you a copy once I'm done.

Polecat was mention in Kickstarter Update No.18 (I have attached a screenshot). Jackal is also in this list... so maybe the Polecat is a secret unit even you are not aware of :-). Beaver for a construction unit seems fitting though!

Thanks for the explanation regarding the size of the drones!
Regarding the Infantry Drones I was just also thinking that this would open up a possibility for a Machine gun type of weapon that's good vs. Infantry.
I'm looking forward to the faction packs, decal sheets and COF sound awesome even though I'll probably print my own GDI and NOD decals for now.
I also think the "Mission Expansion" is a good idea... it (again) reminds me of C&C where you had all this extra neutral stuff that you could capture.

Q: As you have mentioned buildings (Command Bunkers...), another question: Are Turrets also planned? I assume Command Bunkers would have several upgrade options for weapons/Shields/Comms etc. so a turret would be just a weapon without the Commander in them? Could be used for specific "Defend" Missions as well or as neutral locations to capture/use...

Q: How long have you been working on this game? How many people are playtesting/working on this in total?

Q: Energy/Plasma as Firepower type is meant to be like a Flamethrower type of weapon as well, right?

Q: I saw an Order card "Stealth Mode" in one of the youtube videos. Currently the only Stealth units are the Vampire and the Viper. I have both models but don't own this Order card. Will it be in a future release or was Stealth originally a Hardcoded trait and now the card has been integrated in the normal trait already? Just curious because I like Stealth units and if the card exists would like to own it for (potential) extra Stealth :-).


Comms Chain / First target: Boardgamegeek!
« Last post by CGReynolds on April 25, 2019, 02:39:48 am »
Hi everyone,

If you're on BGG and would like to log your plays, leave a review, etc. we would love your help. Many people use the BGG ratings and number of plays to determine what they should be playing, and miniatures games are not immune to BGG hype! We would love it if you could encourage a few others who play to review or log as well.

Link to AD on BGG is here:
Painting, modelling and modifying / Re: Painting C & C style
« Last post by CGReynolds on April 25, 2019, 02:35:08 am »
Awesome! I look forward to it. Josh Percy's industrial metal feel ones are already evoking memories of Total Annihilation, too!
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