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Battle Reports / One commander, Skald Berzerker vs The Warlord
« on: April 17, 2019, 12:24:50 am »
Played a game of Armoured Digital last night at Jolt against Ben Jordan. It was my Skald Berzerker against The Warlord. These are freshly arrived minis, so paintwork was minimal (my white undercoated tanks vs my opponentís straight out of the box greys).

Iíd brought a Centaur with shield module, a Wombat, a pair of Squirrel transports, a Wolf, a Rhino and two Elephants.
Ben came with a Vampire with sensors, a pair of Armadillos for his transports, a Viper, a Bear and a couple of Elephants.

Initial deployment had both of us in neighbouring sectors, facing off over some open ground between a bunker and a rock formation. I put both Elephants where they could fire using their Artillery trait over the bunker, or swing their guns on to closer targets if need be. The Rhino was covering my left flank and the Wolf ready to race off around the long rock formation to try to flank Benís forces and hit his Wombat. My command vehicle was in the centre, slightly hidden between rubble piles around the wall.

Due to a woefully mismatched set of surprise dice, I got the jump on my opponent and got to play four orders cards before he could react. I drove my Rhino forward to the crater and laid into the nearest Elephant, piling on the railgun hits but having less effect than Iíd like. However, he got close enough to gain a sensor lock on the opposing Viper and feed the target data back to my artillery. Despite the stealth tankís slippery nature, I managed to land two hits and nearly destroy it. Ben advanced his rearmost Elephant, and then opened up with answering fire at my Rhino and Command vehicle, leaving a single point of main damage and one of mobility damage on my combat tank. I used Systems Crash to shut down the fire, and then sent the Wolf racing off around the back of the rocks and took some artillery hits on one Squirrel, which somehow failed saves and took both sensors and main damage. Our logistics phase saw Ben build a new Bear and me gain the first resources from the mine in the centre.
Turn 2 went in with more of the same. With another six orders rolled up for me, I went in hard for shooting. My Rhino continued to carve up the Elephant, scoring a kill, and my Elephants began to emerge from cover to engage with some direct fire. The Rhino and Bear traded shots until I managed to destroy that as well, taking some damage in the process. After a cheeky attempt at using Core Wipe on Benís new Bear, my Wolf raced around to a position that it might be able to strike from next turn. My misdirection from turn 1 was successful, and Ben had come packing a Hard Reboot that became useless as I didnít play any System Crash cards. Logistics saw me rebuild the Rhino and Ben produce a new Bear, as well as my spare Squirrel being used as a battering ram to destroy the heavily damaged Viper.
Turn 3 is when things started to go sideways for me. The final Elephant managed to finish off my Rhino, but then a few missiles from my command vehicle put him out of commission as well. I tried delving into more electronic warfare but failed to Core Wipe the Bear again. I started manoeuvring the combat tanks in the centre of the table, but my Elephant failed to mark the enemy command vehicle. His Elephant took an unsuccessful crack at my Wombat, but caused no damage. His Bear and Vampire, meanwhile, made a string of assault moves towards my flanking Wolf, failing to score main damage but breaching its defence systems and sensors. Bears are rather underwhelming on the move!

Turn 4, and Ben chose to use The Warlordís special skill: to once per game automatically win the surprise roll by three dice. Until now, my surprise of 4 was running rings around his of 2. Unfortunately for me, this was also the turn that Ben rolled up 7 orders cards. I was in real trouble. It opened with the Bear firing on the Wolf to the flank and causing some main damage, but he quickly switched targets and took a firing position within sensor lock of my command vehicle. Using a Rapid Fire order resulted in a lot of shots coming my way, of which four hit. Unfortunately for me, I forgot entirely that I was carrying shields and rolled up what I thought was a single save (too much time spent playing demo games and I forget some of the special rules!). Boom, command vehicle dead. I ejected to a position near my production vehicle, but I still had communications coverage to everything except my Wolf, thanks to the decent comms systems on the Elephants. The loss of the command vehicle also invalidated most of my orders, as half of my hand were only useful on the command vehicle. Damn! His Viper moved into the space and splashed my Rhino before I could respond effectively, cutting off my comms with the two drones on my left flank. At this point I looked at my useless orders cards and took a big risk. If I could run across the battlefield on foot, I could potentially get close enough to hack his command vehicleís ejection harness and steal the vehicle. I started running across the table by discarding my useless orders, before playing the Redline card on my Elephant to ram his command vehicle (and hopefully, distract it long enough to not notice me on foot). I scored a point of damage on Benís Vampire, but in return received two Protection Compromised results and then took two points of damage. Considering that Ramming deals explosive-type damage, it was a result that I hadnít seen coming at all. To add insult to injury, I also failed the engines test at the end of the Redline, taking a point of mobility damage as well.

In the logistics phase, I started building a new Centaur command vehicle, but with a low resourcefulness of 2 I wouldnít complete it until the following turn. Ben, meanwhile, sent his nearest Armadillo in to defend his command vehicle and ram my Elephant. He rolled up another
Protection Compromised result but only scored one hit. I had one save dice left, which normally succeeds on a 3+, but against three protection compromised damage tokens I was reduced to a single roll, needing a 6. I failed, and the Elephant was destroyed. However, in return I managed to land enough damage that the reflective armour of the transport shattered, and the Armadillo went down with me.

Turn 5 was not looking good. With no combat drones within range and only three orders up my sleeve, I moved into position to attempt the ejector hack. Unfortunately, Ben managed to get an incredible surprise roll and started to turn by trying to (unsuccessfully) run me over. His Vampire opened up at short range on my Wombat, and the Bear started in from the other side of the mine. I chased after him again, attempted the hack and failed spectacularly. The Vampire reversed over my commander, who was not able to get out of the way in time. Game over!

In the post-mortem, I realised that Iíd probably brought the wrong deck to exploit my commanderís faction victory condition, but the main thing that really got me was putting my command vehicle in the wrong place at the wrong time. My first few turns put me in a strong position, but Benís new assault units took control of the table centre and then I lost my control over my drones. I should have pulled the Centaur back and accepted the loss of my flanking Wolf in trade, as I had the advantage of range and firepower. All in all, though, it was a fun game that swung both ways over its course, and was on track to be a close one if I hadnít come so severely undone.

Player locator / Re: Player location: Canberra, Australia
« on: April 16, 2019, 06:12:55 pm »
Looks like we've got at least nine players here in Canberra so far. Six pledges delivered in the ACT and two more local players bought up at ANZAC Cup.

We're having a come and play day on 11 May, so if you're in the area it's time to jump in!

Player locator / Re: Wagga Wagga - New South Wales Australia
« on: April 16, 2019, 06:05:45 pm »
Awesome stuff. I'll try to head back out Wagga way at least a couple of times over the year (including for Hammercon), so any other players you rope in are all fair game there.

Tactics / Tactics Tuesday: Artillery!
« on: April 16, 2019, 05:53:08 pm »
Tactics Tuesday

Every week, we will take an in-depth look at the tactics of Armoured Digital. This is intended very much as a workshop, so if you have any insight on things that have worked, not worked, etc for you, please add them below!

This weekís topic is Artillery. Artillery is often referred to as ĎThe God of Warí, and the presence of offensive fire support has swung many a battle in a generalís favour. Tonnes of high explosive steel rain turns the ground to mud, tears apart military equipment, kills those standing upright, and forces the remainder to cower in what cover they can find. Against armoured drone forces, though, artillery must be wielded in a very different way: as a precision tool that can attack from behind cover.

At present, the only unit with the Artillery trait is the Elephant (FP4 Explosive/Artillery), but more artillery units may become available in future. Here we will look at how to employ this flexible tool in your battles. Artillery is a Coded trait, so thereís no additional special rules that it confers on a unit. Instead, Artillery is required to employ orders cards like Indirect Fire and Blindfire. There may be more Artillery orders cards available in future, but for this article weíll focus only on these two.

Indirect Fire (core deck) is a shoot action that allows the unit to ignore LOS requirements so long as another friendly unit has both a sensor lock on the target and a comms chain back to the Elephant. It also requires you to have not moved this turn. Blindfire (Elephant expansion) allows you to fire on any target regardless of LOS, but confers a -2 mod to firepower.

If you want to employ your artillery, youíll need to put it in the best position possible to affect the battlefield. Consider deploying it far enough forward at the start of the game that your 24Ē range will cover most of the enemyís likely hiding places. Place it hidden behind LOS-blocking terrain if you can, but itís also useful to be near enough to the edges of that cover so that you can switch to attacking the enemy directly. If you have to move, push your Elephant with a Redline to get it into position, or else make heavy use of the Assault order- youíre only moving 6Ē anyway, so you might as well throw some fire towards the enemy as you move! Finally, if youíve moved into position and want to drop fire on the enemy without waiting for the next turn, Blindfire is your ticket. While two dice isnít much when attacking, it can still endanger low protection support units like the Meerkat and Jackal, or even combat units if they're carrying damage tokens. A quick use of a Blindfire may also change your opponentís mind about which places are safe and which arenít. The psychological battle is often more important than the orders and dice, so making them alter their battle plan counts as a win!

Once youíre in position and want to lay down some fire, youíll need a spotter. The gold standard for this is the Jackal, with an impressive 16Ē of sensor range thatís not restricted to LOS. As a bonus, the Hardwired trait Scout allows units within comms to ignore the cover modifier for any target it has a lock on. As any target that you donít have LOS to is technically behind cover, this is a massive bonus to your shooting.

However, the Jackal isnít the only unit that can help you out. Look to your Sensors 3 (passive) units (like the Rhino, Viper, Cougar or Crocodile) to fill the same role if you donít have a Jackal available. A great way to employ them is to play a move action of some description, put them behind cover, and then play Hull Down. If you donít shoot, that means your opponent is at -3 to hit (-4 if youíre the Viper!), so your spotter is rather safe from enemy fire.

And donít forget your humble transports. As these units tend to speed into the middle of the fight, a transport waiting at the Extractor may have a juicy target within 8Ē that either you or your opponent might have not realised is sensor locked. If you have multiple transports, thereís nothing stopping you from deliberately using one as an expendable spotter, too!

So what should you be shooting at? Thereís a lot to think about as you select your targets, but essentially it comes down to four questions:

∑ Is the target important to my/my enemyís strategy?
∑ Can I hit it?
∑ Will I hurt it?
∑ Is artillery the best tool to use?

Key enemy units like the command vehicle, production unit and support units like the Jackal and Meerkat all make excellent targets. Many of these will be well hidden and otherwise out of the fight, so reaching out to touch them with a few 200mm high explosive rounds is an excellent way to ruin any notions of safety. You can also try using artillery to save one of your units thatís overmatched by multiple enemies and otherwise unsupported.

Remember that without a Jackal, all your shots will be at -1 to hit due to cover. Avoid anything thatís moved and zero in on things that have fired without travelling 8Ē or more, if possible. Other orders can also give you a bonus, so if the enemy plays Signal Boost on their command vehicle, Jackal or Meerkat, treat it like an open invite!

Firing artillery at your enemyís Elephants is not a winning proposition, unless youíre all out of efficient options and youíre basically looking to inflict some ADEs on your foe. If the enemy have a Porcupine, itís even harder to hit anything protected by its Defensive Fire field. Targeting a Protection 2 (reflective) Porc before it puts its defensive field up is a good thing to consider if they're playing that tactic.

But as much as a Crocodile, Wolf or Armadillo are all vulnerable to your attentions with their reflective armour, think about whether you need to use your Indirect Fire orders on them. Raiders and transports will usually come closer to you as the game wears on, so you can use your direct fire cards (or another unit with Explosive firepower like a Cheetah or Cougar) to deal with those threats.

As a final note, remember that it's rare to one-shot an enemy (even a Protection 2 one). When you start firing, bring multiple Indirect Fire cards to the battle. While you're sitting behind LOS-blocking cover, it may be better to fire your Elephant at the enemy than it is to engage with a frontline combatant and make them easier to hit.

Over to you, Digipaths! How are you using your artillery, and how is it working out?

FAQ and Errata / The Armoured Digital living FAQ and Errata
« on: April 16, 2019, 05:20:36 pm »
This post will be the central repository for all Errata, FAQ and similar points that need to be raised. The first post will be kept updated with new Errata and FAQ as needed.

Errata: Rulebook
  • Page 21: At Step 4, insert the following words at the end of the paragraph: "Production units start the game with a resource token value equal to the sum of their commander's Logistics and Resourcefulness stats."
  • Page 23: At the Produce: bullet point, insert the following words at the end of the paragraph: "Production units start the game with a resource token value equal to the sum of their commander's Logistics and Resourcefulness stats."
  • Page 24: At the end of the first Paragraph, replace the words "place a Commander On Foot (COF) miniature" with "place a Commander On Foot (COF) miniature or a reference token". The miniature part refers to future plans for 15mm miniatures for Commanders on Foot, rather than what comes with the core set. Players should feel free to use any relevant 15mm infantry miniature in lieu of these planned additions for now.
  • Page 39: the Faction traits table has the "Boosted" and "Reduced" titles the wrong way around.

Errata: Cards
  • Centaur Unit stat card: the Firepower should read "Projectile/Missile"
  • Activate Redundants Orders card: the Restrictions text should read "Hardened Armour Only"
  • HV Shot Orders card: the set listing at the bottom of the card should read "Rhino"

FAQ: Orders cards
  • Activate Redundants Orders card: If there is no shooting attack that generates the ADE  (e.g. rolling a 6 while crossing terrain, or after movement when playing cards like Redline), save on a 4+.
  • Angled Reflectors: the defender who makes successful saving throws can choose to use those saves as a new shooting attack, and choose the target. The firepower type will be the same as the attack was, and the Firepower value is the same as the number of hits removed from the hit pool by successful saves.
  • Capture Orders card: Both conditions require both comms range and LOS (whether unit is abandoned or still owned by a player).
  • Hard Reboot: this card can be used if the only thing preventing it from being played is a Systems Crash on the command unit.
  • Jamming: If Jamming is in effect, you can choose to play cards that can only be used on units outside comms. Request a comms check through Jamming, and if your opponent fails, you may play the orders card then.

Armoured Digital Announcements / Armoured Digital now available retail
« on: April 16, 2019, 05:11:17 pm »
Hi everyone!

A huge thankyou to all our Kickstarter backers. Hopefully you should all either have your pledges, or they are in the final stages of their journey to your gaming tables. Which means that we can announce that the game (and all its expansions) are available from the Word Forge Games website, and from Crescent Gaming Consortium's shopfront.

All our units are available here, so if you've started playing and are keen to expand your forces, now's the perfect time.

Armoured Digital Announcements / Late pledges now available!
« on: May 22, 2018, 01:06:52 pm »
If you (or someone you know) wanted in on Armoured Digital but missed out on the Kickstarter, you can still get in on the action. Late pledges are available from the WFG website:

Battle Reports / Video Batrep, Skald vs The Warlord
« on: May 16, 2018, 12:56:47 am »
my first crack at making a video batrep! let me know what you think.

Hao's really been a great find. We actually encountered each other when I bought some of his models from Shapeways to us as proxies during the early development phase. Hao was very patient with me as I knocked back some of his early designs for Rhino and Wolf tanks and took the time to explain how the technology was supposed to work. However, right from the start the distinctive visual style of AD's vehicles has been all him. These days I can practically send him the stats and traits and he puts them all together, with only the occasional alteration needed for gameplay's sake.

Setting, background and stories / Re: Wolf Blueprint
« on: April 23, 2018, 10:41:29 pm »
Love it!

General Discussion / Re: Public link for discord
« on: April 19, 2018, 09:32:49 pm »
I've joined! Some fun discussions going on there so far.

I like to have a forum for 'serious' posts like battle reports, modelling articles, announcements etc. They're easier to search for older content than FB or similar. Discord looks like something that's great for a group chat but maybe not so much for the permanence that a forum has.

Painting, modelling and modifying / Re: What size magnets
« on: April 19, 2018, 09:30:26 pm »
The recesses are made for 5mmx0.5mm disc magnets. You will generally need 2 per tank (or 1 plus a small metal disc). All turrets use the same size magnet recesses.

Painting, modelling and modifying / Re: Upcoming units...
« on: April 19, 2018, 07:20:48 am »
At this stage the intent is to sell individual units. Each comes with a mini, a stat card, a production spec, and two new orders cards.

However, we may instead sell them in small boxed sets, like a 'logistics pack' that would include a Wombat, Extractor, and three transport vehicles (one each of Squirrel, Raccoon and Armadillo).

We are more likely to go for the boxed expansion set as the range grows, as it's easier on retailers. However, we will likely still offer individual units directly from the WFG website. We will be asking our mailing list for feedback on the best way to package AD so that we can hit that sweet spot that appeals most.

Painting, modelling and modifying / Upcoming units...
« on: April 18, 2018, 01:45:52 am »
We didn't get to show everyone these in either the videos or on the Kickstarter, so here's some images of units that are coming up at some point after we fulfil to backers.

The Cheetah Assault Vehicle:

Cheetah Stats: Firepower 5 (explosive/rocket), Protection 2 (hardened), Comms 2, Sensors 2 (passive), Mobility 4. No Traits.

The Meerkat Electronic Warfare Vehicle:

Meerkat stats: Firepower 0 (none), Protection 2 Reactive, Comms 5, Sensors 3 (passive), Mobility 4, Traits: Jamming.

The Bear Siege Tank:

Bear stats: Firepower 2+2 (projectile/gauss and energy/plasma), protection 3 (hardened), comms 2, Sensors 2 (passive), mobility 2. Traits: Composite protection, self-repair.

The Cougar Main Battle Tank:

Cougar stats: Firepower 3 (explosive/HE), protection 3 (hardened), comms 3, sensors 3 (passive), mobility 3. No traits.
More detail of the turret:

The Vampire Assault Command vehicle (early WIP):

Vampire stats: Firepower 4 (energy/laser), protection 3 (reflective), comms 2, sensors 3 (passive), mobility 3. Traits: Capture, Option (1), Self-Repair, Composite Protection, Resilient, Stealth.

We have plans for a ton of new units, but they're all still in the design stage and there's no images to show you yet! Next up being designed are the Porcupine area defence vehicle, the Raccoon fast transport and the Armadillo armoured transport.

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