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Title: Upcoming units...
Post by: CGReynolds on April 18, 2018, 01:45:52 am
We didn't get to show everyone these in either the videos or on the Kickstarter, so here's some images of units that are coming up at some point after we fulfil to backers.

The Cheetah Assault Vehicle:
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Cheetah Stats: Firepower 5 (explosive/rocket), Protection 2 (hardened), Comms 2, Sensors 2 (passive), Mobility 4. No Traits.

The Meerkat Electronic Warfare Vehicle:
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Meerkat stats: Firepower 0 (none), Protection 2 Reactive, Comms 5, Sensors 3 (passive), Mobility 4, Traits: Jamming.

The Bear Siege Tank:
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Bear stats: Firepower 2+2 (projectile/gauss and energy/plasma), protection 3 (hardened), comms 2, Sensors 2 (passive), mobility 2. Traits: Composite protection, self-repair.

The Cougar Main Battle Tank:
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Cougar stats: Firepower 3 (explosive/HE), protection 3 (hardened), comms 3, sensors 3 (passive), mobility 3. No traits.
More detail of the turret: ( (

The Vampire Assault Command vehicle (early WIP):
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Vampire stats: Firepower 4 (energy/laser), protection 3 (reflective), comms 2, sensors 3 (passive), mobility 3. Traits: Capture, Option (1), Self-Repair, Composite Protection, Resilient, Stealth.

We have plans for a ton of new units, but they're all still in the design stage and there's no images to show you yet! Next up being designed are the Porcupine area defence vehicle, the Raccoon fast transport and the Armadillo armoured transport.
Title: Re: Upcoming units...
Post by: timiel on April 18, 2018, 09:19:12 am
I cant wait for planes and walkers :D
Title: Re: Upcoming units...
Post by: yllamana on April 18, 2018, 02:16:47 pm
Oh, those are all super cute!

I'm disappointed the Meerkat didn't make it! It was much more fun to play than I expected and it fills a great role in the second Logistics slot where you might otherwise have a less useful second Squirrel.

The M3 Bear Siege Tank looks neat.

Huh, the Cougar MBT is weird, though! It looks so cool, but it has this enormous turret that looks like it should have a high firepower value, then only has 3. I like the idea of a tough standoff tank with a good comms value as a sort of lynchpin vehicle, but I don't think it jives with the dual-cannon art. Maybe there's some conceptual overlap here with the Bear.

Whaaaat. The Vampire has comms 2??? That's amazing! I can see the In Progress part - it still has the hardened armour plates on the side. A comms 2 command vehicle sounds fantastic. Potential 4+2 firepower... huh. That's completely terrifying. I love that it has comms 2!
Title: Re: Upcoming units...
Post by: icodealot on April 19, 2018, 07:05:17 am
Thanks for sharing some of the roadmap.

Any ideas yet if new unit types will be produced for individual sale online somewhere or is this going to be a boxed expansion?
Title: Re: Upcoming units...
Post by: CGReynolds on April 19, 2018, 07:20:48 am
At this stage the intent is to sell individual units. Each comes with a mini, a stat card, a production spec, and two new orders cards.

However, we may instead sell them in small boxed sets, like a 'logistics pack' that would include a Wombat, Extractor, and three transport vehicles (one each of Squirrel, Raccoon and Armadillo).

We are more likely to go for the boxed expansion set as the range grows, as it's easier on retailers. However, we will likely still offer individual units directly from the WFG website. We will be asking our mailing list for feedback on the best way to package AD so that we can hit that sweet spot that appeals most.