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I am totally hyped about this game

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I am going to buy 1 wombat and 2 jackals with the 2 player box set tomorrow, i tried the demo on tabletop simulator and we couldnt figure out how to play the logistics phase with my friend but it looks very cool.
What do you guys think about this game ? ( sorry for my bad english i am french ^^ )

I love the concept of the game, and I need to make time to read the rules, but honestly I suspect it will love our die depending on the strength of the player base.

I sincerely hope that turns out well!

It's a very neat game, and the models are very cute and magnetically attract people to them when they're on the table!

I have a pretty good grasp of the rules - did you have any specific questions about them?

The general format of the logistics phase is:

1. Each extractor generates d6 + 1 resources automatically.
2. Each player generates a certain number of logistics orders, much like in the command phase, but using the Logistics stat instead of the Planning stat. You don't have to pick what these orders are in advance, so usually they're just represented by a token.
3. You roll for initiative using your Resourcefulness stat, but instead of interleaving your orders, whoever won will play all of their orders, followed by whoever was second.
4. You play logistics orders on your logistics and production vehicles. These have a special set of orders they can perform:

Logistics vehicles, like the Squirrel, can:

1. Move - just a standard move, like playing the Move card;
2. Pick up resources - if their back is touching a resource port, like on the mine, they can pick up resources, up to their transport limit;
3. Drop off resources - if their back is touching a resource port, like on the back of the Wombat, they can drop off resources.

Each of these takes one logistics order, up to the usual limit of three orders per vehicle. Also, if the vehicle moved far enough, it will get the defensive bonus for moving fast on the next round.

Production vehicles, like the Wombat, can:

1. Move - again, a standard move, like on the Move card;
2. Repair - pick a friendly vehicle that's within 2" of the ramp that the Wombat could build. Place it on board the Wombat model. Then you roll a number of dice equal to your Resourcefulness stat. For every dice that rolls a 4 or more, you can remove one damage token from the vehicle. Then you can place the vehicle back within 2" of the ramp of the Wombat. Alternatively, you can keep it on board and place it within 2" of the ramp at the end of any logistics order. It can't do anything while it's on board, though.
3. Build. This is probably the most complicated thing in the logistics phase. You pick a thing to build from your commander's list of production specs. You immediately pay the resource cost on the production spec and generate production points equal to your Resourcefulness stat towards building the vehicle. You should also place the vehicle inside the production unit so you can see it's under construction. Each Build order you place on the vehicle will generate production points equal to your Resourcefulness, but you don't have to pay the cost again. Most things take most commanders two Build orders to complete. When you've finished building the unit, place it within 2" of the ramp.
4. Pick up resources. It's very rare, but the Wombat can pick up resources from an extractor directly if it docks with it. They can only load from extractors, not from transport vehicles like the Squirrel.

Extractors can also have orders assigned to them. The only thing they can do is produce additional resources equal to d6 + your commander's Resourcefulness stat.

I hope that's a helpful summary.

That was very helpfull thanks.
But in the demo in tabletop simulator there are no logistics orders so we cant play a full game


--- Quote from: timiel on April 02, 2018, 06:16:14 pm ---That was very helpfull thanks.
But in the demo in tabletop simulator there are no logistics orders so we cant play a full game

--- End quote ---
They are the brown tokens to the side of the board, next to the Resource and Victory tokens. :)


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