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Re: Ask us anything!
« on: April 26, 2019, 09:30:00 pm »
If you're interested, the product descriptions for each unit have the card they come with listed in the text at the bottom. You just have to click on the unit in the Word Forge Games store to see that description. So for the Crocodile, you'll find the details about the unit and the card it comes with here:

I should point out too that there was an error with one of the orders cards. The HV Shot card is listed as 'Hardpoints' at the bottom but should say 'Rhino'. You'll find an FAQ and Errata link on the message boards here: We'll keep updating that as we go, so if you find something that doesn't look quite right, please let us know and I'll update the Errata. Same goes for anything that seems unclear, I can add an FAQ response to that to keep it all official.