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Re: Ask us anything!
« on: April 26, 2019, 05:27:32 pm »
Thanks again for all the answers!

Regarding the missing/incorrect cards (e.g. Stealth Mode): Is there a list somewhere where I can check what card is supposed to come with what Model?
Reconstructing my current purchases I think the following:

Armadillo - Angled Reflectors
Bear - Divert Power
Centaur - Tactical Analysis
Cheetah - Barrage
Cougar - mine came with Barrage (with Cheetah at the bottom), Word Forge Games said this was correct.
Crocoldile - ? (don't own the unit yet)
Elephant - Blindfire
Jackal - Guided Missiles
Meercat - Jamming
Porcupine - Area Defense
Racoon - Countermeasures
Rhino - HV Shot
Viper - ?,  I own 3 Vipers and have no Order card with Viper at the bottom... should be Stealth Mode as you confirmed
Squirrel - ?
Vampire - Disrupt
Wolf - Plasma Blast
Wombat - Prepared Build

My kids are 5 (daughter) and 3 (son)... my son loves to play with the Tank models already :-). He lines them up and switches the turrets around  ;D. Still have to interest my daughter - she played Blood Bowl with my once though.

Special Thanks for the Plasma explanation... do you have something like that for all other types as well?
4,5h years is a long time I think (not having any idea what an average amount of working on a game would be :)). As said before I hope it pays off! The Order cards examples sound interesting as well!